• Vmworkstation 11 on Antergos (Issue Help)

    Hi i had managed to install vmworkstation on antergos but when i install it i got a error message

    A pop up .
    vmware kernel module Updater

    Before you can run vmware, several modules must be compliled and
    loaded into the running kernel

    kernel headers 3.19.3-3-arch

    its ask me to choose a location

    See full error message on the description .


    Could somebody help me out . please

    So what i did i had install linux headers in the pacman repo then when i open the vm …

    Another error message check this

    Here is the log error : http://pastebin.com/TQQgHjL3

  • We use Virtualbox for testing so we don’t know much about VMWare, sorry! Have you reviewed the information about VMWare in Arch’s Wiki?



  • Hi,

    I’m running VM WS 10 on Antergos. Often with newer kernels (new for VMware at least:) you need to patch the VMware modules for them to compile. ARCH has a script that mostly automates the patching and recompiling. The script is called vmware-patch and you can install it via pacman using the ARCH repos (I think! I’m currently on Debian so can’t check myself).

    The script also re-compiles the modules after applying the patches. Sometimes you need to re-do that from the terminal, though:

    sudo /usr/bin/vmware-modconfig --console --install-all

    Good luck!

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