• Downgrade kernel

    I’ve noticed that my laptop hardware have some conflicts with latest kernel. Every time I start my system I get broken splash image. This problem appears in all distros which use latest kernel. So, I wounder if there is any guide how to downgrade current kernel or replace it with older one or any workaround how to get rid of this problem.


    Another problem which is also related to boot is that system prompts graphical boot which I have tried to remove but it doesn’t work at all, graphical boot is still there.


  • Hi,

    You can install the LTS kernel: sudo pacman -S linux-lts and then regenerate your grub config file with: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg. Regarding the Grub theme, I think I may have accidentally committed a background image I was testing. I will check it and correct it if necessary. You will need to reinstall the grub theme to fix it. I’ve been meaning to make the grub theme a proper package that can be installed for quite some time, this gives me the perfect reason not to put it off any longer. I will let you know when you can install the package 😄


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