• configuration to download minimum data to keep system up to date

    I know that Arch releases packages and patches often to keep the system up to date.

    I was wondering does anyone know approximately how many megabytes of data is required for system updates on a monthly basis.

    I feel like the flexibility and security of Arch is perfect for this other system I have, however it only has access to very limited downloads (we don’t have unlimited downloads in Australia). So It’s something like 1gb per month or less.

    Firefox seems to update frequently and take up between 15-30mb every few days. I’m tryin to work out even if I changed browsers would 1gb or 500mb be enough to keep an arch system for web browsing photos videos, pdf and just normal file types like office etc up to date on a monthly basis?

  • That’s something that is not easy to generalize as it depends on your system’s package selection and of course the frequency of updates for those packages (which will vary). I think the only way to make any meaningful estimate would be to update the system you have installed currently strictly once per week and record the amount of data transferred. Do that for 4-6 weeks and you should have enough data to look at. I say once per week to make it easier to gather and total the results, you could update daily if you want to, of course.


  • Hi,

    If you have Internet access without this restriction (i.e. at the Unversity or at work), you can download the needed packages and copy them to your system (put the xz packages in /var/cache/pacman/pkg).

    To know which packages you need simply do a sudo pacman -Syu and answer NO when it asks for download and install the packages.

    You can do this once a week as lots.0.logs says.

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