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    Hi all,

    I have firefox, chromium and google-chrome installed. I’ve tried installing pepper flash and freshplayer plugin (i’ve also updated my graphics card drivers), but am still unable to play this flash based video…I am in australia.


  • Does the flash player load at all? With Google Chrome it loads fine for me, though I can’t actually play the video you linked because I’m in the US (its geo blocked). Are there any error messages?

  • Hi,

    If it helps, with firefox loads the player (but of course it blocks me, I’m in Europe).

  • im coming up with area restrictions error. dumb yahoo videos ive always had trouble with videos on their site.

  • Yoshi - i’m in Cebu so cant get the video either as its blocked outside of Oz. Have you tried using Youtube-dl to see if you can get it that way? Its an excellent tool too.

  • Uzi - thanks I haven’t tried that. I will but I was against it initially… I mean flash videos should just work? I’ll try the DL tool

  • @lots.0.logs the player loads and shows the first frame, but when I click play nothing happens.

  • Hmm…is the issue only present for that particular website? Can you play flash videos on other websites?

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