• [Bug] GUI installer (Cnchi) doesn't mount the correct logical volume with LVM

    There is a bug with the GUI installer Cnchi when the target partition is in a LVM. If the physical volume’ name contains ‘-’, it is replaced by ‘- -’ in /dev/mapper, but Cnchi doesn’t handle that.

    For example, if I have a physical volume named “laptop-anthony”, with a logicial volume “root”. The volume will be in “/dev/mapper/laptop- -anthony-root”, but Cnchi will try to mount “/dev/mapper/laptop-anthony-root” (because it certainly concatenates the physical volume name and the logical volume name).


    Edit: The difference between - and – is not very clear with this forum CSS, so I replaced ‘–’ by ‘- -’.

  • Hi, could you post both the correct and incorrect examples within a code block please? Code blocks can be started with three backticks followed by a newline. Then use a new line and three more backticks to end the code block 😉


  • Yeah sure !
    Here is an “incorrect” volume group name:

    vgname: laptop-anthony
    lvname: root
    mount_source: /dev/mapper/laptop--anthony-root
    mount_source_in_Cnchi: /dev/mapper/laptop-anthony-root

    Cnchi tries to mount something that does not exist, so the installation fails.

    Now with this:

    vgname: laptop_anthony
    lvname: root
    mount_source: /dev/mapper/laptop_anthony-root
    mount_source_in_Cnchi: /dev/mapper/laptop_anthony-root

    It works.

    Cnchi just has to replace all occurrences of - by -- in the volume groupe name.

  • Thanks, we have it on our bug tracker for the 0.9 dev cycle.


  • @lots.0.logs I got confused about all the - and - - and _ … 😁 I hope you got it.

  • @karasu said:

    @lots.0.logs I got confused about all the - and - - and _ … 😁 I hope you got it.

    😅 err…yeah… sure I got it hehe

  • Sorry if it’s not clear. If you don’t get it, test in a virtual machine by installing Antergos inside a lvm which has a - in its vg name. You will quickly get the problem ;)

  • Oh we will certainly be testing it, no worries! 😄

  • @Anthony25 I meant no disrespect, I was tired and English is not my mother tongue… after rereading your first post I totally got it. As lots.0.logs said, we will test it and fix it as soon as possible.

    For future reference, here’s the link to the issue in our github repository: https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/278


  • No problem @karasu !


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