• Call for translators - Cnchi v0.8

    Hi all,

    First I want to apologize, as our beloved Cnchi has suffered many string changes, so a lot of work must be done to translate it. You will notice that the translations have gone to a 51% of completion (and they were all nearly 90%!). This is because a lot of changes have been done since the 0.6 version (remember that 0.7 is a development version, so no stable release).

    OK, the purpose of this post is to alert you all that translations are waiting for you in transifex (https://www.transifex.com), so if you want, you can help translate Cnchi to your language. All help is much appreciated.

    Thanks to all of you!

    EDIT: For newcomers, we have a quick guide here: http://antergos.com/help-translate-antergos

  • Hi, it’s me again xD

    I forgot to warn you (translators) that there’re some cases where we’ve changed the %s for {{}} with a zero in it. (if there’re more than one %s, then different numbers are used)

    This is really helpful if you want to change the order in which strings will appear, just change the number order.

    Thanks to all of you for doing this job, it’s not an easy task.


  • @karasu Is there a typo in your post? If not then I am confused 😬

  • @lots.0.logs No, it’s that this damn editor does not work when I write {number} (but it works in preview!!!)

  • Things are moving faster!


    Thanks to all!

  • How can I contribute, it says I’m not a member of the project so I cannot help :( https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/antergos/

  • You must request to join for the language you wish to translate. Let me know if you have trouble with it.

  • Already figured it out. Maybe on the transifex description we should add http://antergos.com/help-translate-antergos/ to make it more straight forward :)

  • done 😄


  • @lots.0.logs: I know for certain, now. You NEVER sleep, period. 😬

  • 😆 I’ll sleep when I’m dead haha.

  • Hi,

    Now we already have 7 languages at 100%

    We will update all the translations you make, so do not worry if we release Cnchi 0.8 before you guys have finished.


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