• Weird sudo problem

    Everytime after boot, when I try to use sudo in terminal, for the first several times I insert my password, it always say that the password is incorrect, but after several times it works fine. I check the password many times and I’m really sure that I’m typing the correct one, noted that this only presents in terminal, the password always works in SSX & pkexec. I installed zsh later but the problem still exist.

  • i know sudo was just updated recently - like hours ago - I take it you’ve done a system update in that time frame, huh?

    If all else fails you can downgrade the package - tho someone will come along here & offer a more intelligent solution within the very near future.

  • I know this is an obvious one but sometimes we overlook the simple explanations so…Could this be cause by your numlock not being enabled at boot? If not, its likely something to do with your system local/keyboard setup. Check the keyboard settings in GNOME settings. Let me know if you still have the issue.


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