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    This post is for posting screenshots of your Antergos and also telling about the things you have change and what application you running etc.
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    I have the Antergos XFCE edition installed on my computer.
    My Application List
    Whisker, Firefox, Keepass + http Firefox plugin, Deluge, Filezilla, Codelite, Calibre, Audacious, Virtualbox and Cherrytree

    alt text

  • OK, I’ll play.

    alt text

    I’ve enjoyed Linux for right at 8 years, but what really gut-hooked me was the Cinnamon desktop. I am using the Dark Void theme on this machine, and I am thinking my slightly modified background may have come from the desk of our very own @lots-0-logs .

    As for my application list, I must say I’ve added a lot. I own and operate several Web sites, so browser testing is important. As a result, I’ve added Firefox, Epiphany, Midori, Opera,and Vivaldi. I use Thunderbird as my e-mail client. I use FileZilla, ownCloud, and Dropbox. Gimp, Mirage, and Trimage are added to the graphics selection. Shutter is my choice of screenshot tools. I use Bluefish, Geany, and Meld. And I’ve added Asunder and VLC as sound options. GParted and VirtualBox round out the system. I am hopelessly addicted to Antergos, but I still enjoy seeing what other distros are like, so I do a lot of playing with VirtualBox. I am currently test-driving the Numix icons for the first time, as I’ve always used the GNOME set. But I find I rather enjoy Numix, and believe I will stick with it.

    I run Antergos/Cinnamon on four, different systems, and all of them have the same applications installed. The other three systems just use the bog-standard, default background, with the Void theme.

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