• Windows Decoration/Controls Not Obeying the Rules?

    Using Cinnamon as my DE, even clean installed to clean up after my brief stint with Gnome. Anyway, after coming from Ubuntu, I have come to like my window controls on the left side versus the right, so I set this up in the control panel. I am finding, however, that some windows don’t obey this setting. For example, if I double click the icon on the desktop to open my file manager, they are correct. But if I press the hotkey combination of Super + E, they are not only on the wrong side, but I am just noticing today that it seems to be a different file manager.

    Here’s a screenshot. Any ideas?

  • You know, I seem to be getting increasingly better at figuring out my questions seconds after posting them…
    Anyway, apparently the default for Launch Home IS a different file manager.

    I created a custom keyboard shortcut called “File Browser - Nemo” and used Super+E for it, which removed that shortcut from the original one. I made that shortcut run the command “nemo” and that works.

    So why does the built in one not just use Nemo? Is that Nautilus instead?

  • Hmph, probably an oversight by the Mint devs. Although not a huge issue, it’s worth reporting upstream 〰

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