• [SOLVED] Cifs mount network drive via fstab - /run/media gets deleted after reboot

    Usually I have a cifs entry in my /etc/fstab pointing to a network drive which I mount occasionally by hand (noauto)


    / /media/<username>/mydrive cifs credentials=/home/<username>/.smbcredentials,noauto,user,rw,suid 0 0

    Obviously antergos/arch moved the media folder to /run/media/$user. So I edited my fstab to point to the new location. Without any usb drive or something attached the /run/media folder doesn’t exist. If I create it by myself the cifs mount works as expected. Until I reboot my system because the /run/media/$user folder get’s deleted.

    For sure I can switch the mount point to some other place in my /home dir. But then there is no shortcut visible in nautilus to mount the drive with one click. Nautilus shows all fstab entries pointing to /run/media by default as shortcuts.

    Any ideas how I can mount my drive with just one click out of nautilus as I used to do in ubuntu (without using the terminal or manual authentication)?

  • Hi,

    If you mount the drive to some other location you can simply bookmark that directory so that it appears in the sidebar. For example, I have my NAS mounted at /data with an entry in fstab. I added /data as a bookmark so it appears with the default bookmarks in the sidebar (Home, Documents, Pictures, etc)


  • That’s a nice solution. Works as simple as that and I don’t have to keep struggling with the /media folder :)

    Thank’s alot!

  • You’re welcome!

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