• Cinnamon crashes without error in log


    I’ve a annoying problem with cinnamon. Sometimes the panel and menu disappeared completely. Sometimes the icons are still on top of it, but the menu is totally black (or just some lines) when i opened it. Sometimes i can’t see some applications anymore. To fix this i have to restart cinnamon (killall cinnamon or alt f2+ r).
    The most times when this happend is when i have connected a second monitor, but also if i have +/- 10 applications opened with only my laptop screen. I’ve did a little test: When i’m opening 20-30 simple windows with a java programm with no content cinnamon crashes. But i doesn’t get a popup that cinnamon has crashed, just the top bar dissapeared.
    Log files doesn’t tell me anything, only when restarting cinnamon.
    First i though it has something to do with swap-memmory but it’s also happening when i have enouf ram left.
    I really have no idea how to fix this and the internet couldn’t give me much information.

    Could someone help me further with this?

  • @jancoow said:

    20-30 simple windows with a java

    Does the issue occur if you opened 20 instances of gnome-terminal? The reason I ask is because 20-30 instances of a JRE app could easily cause the behavior you described.


  • I do not mean 20 instances of a gnome-terminal, but i do mean 20 JRE “programs” (just a empty JFrame).
    But why does this happen? It isn’t normal, is it?

  • I understood your explanation. What I am asking is for you to perform a test where you open 20 gnome-terminal instances. I think that 20 Java apps (regardless of the size or complexity of the app) would cause the instability you described. (Which is why I recommended that you test the result with gnome-terminal instances)


  • After i started 50 gnome-terminals the top menu bar dissapeared again. Also when i restart cinnamon the problem isn’t solved, some letters and icons are missing.

    Screenshot after opening 50 gnome-terminals:

    ![screenshot.png](uploading 100%)
    Image upload doesnt work?: http://oi60.tinypic.com/j7aj2p.jpg

    I noticed that some terminals doesnt have a body anymore (looks like they are transparend to the background wallpaper), but the shadows around the borders are still visible. !
    I did the test 3 times and everytime when i’m opening the 48-50 terminal the panel dissapeared. (first for the half, when i’m opening another instance the whole panel dissapeared).

  • Okay. The next thing the Cinnamon developers will want to know is whether or not the issue occurs while all 3rd-party extensions, applets, and desklets are disabled. (Meaning only active extensions/applets/desklets are those published by @cinnamon.org)

  • I removed all the applets, desklets and extensions installed by my self. Doesn’t make any difference.

  • Okay, well unfortunately I’m out of ideas for this one. I recommend reporting the issue upstream to the Cinnamon developers for further troubleshooting:


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