• Unable to install ladish


    I’m a fresh newbee arh linux user
    On my antergos distribution I try to install ladish to manager music production sessions.
    Linux protes 3.19.2-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 18 16:21:02 CET 2015 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    I’m running gnome-shell with version : GNOME Shell 3.14.3
    In the package manager GUI I get the following :
    ==> Downloading ladish PKGBUILD from AUR…
    x ladish.install
    Comment by GuestOne (2013-03-30 22:31)
    Is anyone maintaining this package?

    Comment by thujone (2013-04-02 07:43)
    I’m after new releases and wrote the page over ladish.org, but left it orphaned so you are free to adopt or improve it, if you wish.

    Comment by superprick (2013-10-15 23:18)
    if anyone is having problems getting this to compile. before installing this package make sure you install libgnomecanvasmm and libgnomecanvas. maybe the maintainer could update the build. A system with the gnome shell desktop installed may not have these packages by default in 3.10

    Comment by moebius_rising (2014-04-09 18:08)
    ladish.org has been down for some time, are there any alternatives for the PKGBUILD?

    Comment by speps (2014-11-27 05:23)
    Disowning for lack of time

    ladish 1-3 (2013-05-13 13:35)
    This package is orphaned
    ( Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous ! )
    ==> Edit PKGBUILD ? [Y/n] (“A” to abort)
    ==> ------------------------------------
    ==> y

    Please add $EDITOR to your environment variables
    for example:
    export EDITOR=“vim” (in ~/.bashrc)
    (replace vim with your favorite editor)

    ==> Edit PKGBUILD with:

    /usr/lib/yaourt/util.sh: line 198: PKGBUILD: command not found
    ==> ladish dependencies:

    • python2 (already installed)
    • dbus-glib (already installed)
    • hicolor-icon-theme (already installed)
    • desktop-file-utils (already installed)
    • jackdbus (package found)
    • flowcanvas (package found)
    • boost (package found)
    • intltool (package found)

    ==> Edit ladish.install ? [Y/n] (“A” to abort)
    ==> ------------------------------------------
    ==> y

    Please add $EDITOR to your environment variables
    for example:
    export EDITOR=“vim” (in ~/.bashrc)
    (replace vim with your favorite editor)

    ==> Edit ladish.install with:

    /usr/lib/yaourt/util.sh: line 198: ladish.install: command not found

    Does anyone can help me in getting through this installation. I would like to use ladish for the KXStudio Claudia Tool

  • @Geert-Peeters said:


    I’m not familiar with audio editing software, but from what I can tell it appears that Ladish is no longer maintained upstream. I did find two alternatives that might work for you:



    I hope it helps. Cheers!

  • It’s a bit weird that ladish is heavily used in KXStudio (which I abandoned due to stability issues. in fact I decided to go for Antergos to create my music production distro)
    Sad that Ladish is not working in Antergos. Could it be that KXStudio made a fork of the original project which seems not to be maintained any more?

  • That’s a possiblity, yes. Try installing it with this:

    yaourt -S ladish-fixed-git --no-confirm

    Let me know how it goes!

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