• Humble Bundle Games - No Sound

    I have several games I have purchased from Humble Bundle. I can install them just fine, but I have no sound on ANY of them. Never had this issue in Ubuntu or Mint. I assume there is some dependency missing, but finding out which one(s) may take quite a bit of detective work.

    I tried playing Monaco and Antichamber and had the same issue with both. Looking through some output of Monaco, I saw some errors regarding FMOD, so I installed some FMOD stuff and tried again, and still have the same issue.

    Anyone able to help with this one? If you need to borrow one of the games to troubleshoot, lemme know, or if there is anything information you might need from me, just be sure to let me know how to acquire what you need.


  • I may have just answered my own question with a lucky guess. I installed lib32-pulse, and got sound in Monaco.

    Just tried AntiChamber and got sound too. Guess that was all that was needed.

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