• Is it possible to install kernel 3.19.3-1 from testing before initial reboot.

    After upgrading to kernel 3.19.2-1 my system was unbootable to the point that my partition table was corrupted.

    This wasn’t only with antergos/arch but also fedora, whenever I tried to boot into a 3.19.2 kernel the same happened.

    I saw today that 3.19.3-1 had hit testing so wanted to try it.

    I was hoping that once the install was complete, insteading of immediately rebooting, was to somehow enable testing and upgrade the kernel.

    Is this Possible? And How?


  • There is no way to install multiple versions of the same kernel in Arch. I recommend installing the LTS kernel first, then once you are sure that it works properly you can add the testing repo to your system and update the main kernel. Though, just to be clear, you could simply wait a few more days and the updated kernel will be available in the regular repo!


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