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    I installed Antergos maybe a month ago and am really enjoying it. I chose Gnome Shell just because I haven’t tried it.I came from Linux Mint Cinnamon, and I know that Cinnamon is available, as is KDE, etc.

    So, i thought I’d install Cinnamon today. I went into the software manager and searched for Cinnamon. Being a 'buntu refuge, I figured that if I chose cinnamon-desktop that it would be sufficient and pull in all dependencies, but it did not, so I didn’t confirm installation…

    If I want to install both Cinnamon and KDE to try out, which package(s) do I actually need

    I have plenty of hard drive space, but at the same time, I’d like to keep a lean system.

    On a side note, do you guys think that Gnome is going the way of the buffalo and the dinosaur? If I’m honest, I am really enjoying Gnome, but at the same time, it seems I had to do a bit of work to enable very basic functions, like the ability to DELETE FILES! If I recall, KDE got to be a convoluted mess of too many menus. Cinnamon seemed to be a nice balance, but at the same time, it seemed like there was something missing. Nice to have options, though.


  • Open the terminal. For cinnamon type:
    sudo pacman -S cinnamon
    for KDE4 type
    sudo pacman -S kde

    This will pull in all dependencies and everything you need automatically.

  • Maybe the software manager would have done that if I had proceeded. Thanks.

  • While its not required, I find it a “best practice” to create separate user accounts for each desktop that you install on a single machine. It helps avoid most of the quirks that can occur with multiple DE’s. If you want to install the desktops with the default Antergos configuration, you can grab the config files and package list on github:

    KDE: http://github.com/antergos/kde-setup
    Package List: http://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/blob/master/data/packages.xml


  • @lots-0-logs , got another question for you. I have decided I want to use Cinnamon exclusively. What’s the proper way to purge Gnome?

  • I think this is the easiest and safest way:
    sudo pacman -Rdd gnome
    however, it will get rid of a lot of stuff you still need like evince, eog, gnome-terminal, advaita-icon-theme, gnome-system-monitor, and maybe some others. And you’ll have to reinstall those manually.

  • Fun… I removed gnome-session, and that at least took it out of the session menu, and nothing is broken.

    But theoretically, as long as I have one pacman -S cinnamon, I guess I should be good?

    What about the default themeing of Cinnamon for Antergos? Have I missed nay packages with regards to “look and feel”?


  • You need eog (eyeofgnome) to view pictures
    gnome-terminal for terminal
    gnome-system-monitor to view resource usage and close programs if they won’t normally
    evince for viewing documents like pdf

    For the cinnamon theme, Numix Frost Light is used for Window borders and Controls. Numix Square for icons. And Numix Frost for ‘desktop’ theme.

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