• Slow USB Writing

    I’ve noticed as of late that when the GUI shows that copying files to a flash drive is completed, if I go to safely remove the drive, i get a notification at the bottom that says “Writing data to PNY USB 3.0 Don’t unplug until Finished”

    Any way to speed this up? The previous dialog suggests this has already been done…

  • @Myk-Robinson Drives Seems it is actually still copying the files, if you have a bunch of small files write time will slow down a lot. You could make a tar archive before moving a bunch of files to usb.
    tar -cvf /location/to/save.tar /files/to/archive
    If that is not the issue you could try using the flush option whenh mounting:

  • I think it’s a gnome thing. i’ve seen this a lot on several distros. I think the file gets done getting moved into a buffer so the bar graph says complete before a buffer empties onto the USB. Not sure, but that’s what it seems like.

    For any big files that I move around I just do it via the command line any more so I know exactly when it’s all done, my cursor comes back, and I don’t even have to look at a blinking light on the stick.

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