• [solved] owncloud client 1.8 nautilus integration

    as 1.8 was realeased, one new feature is the nautilus (file manager) integration:

    but after update I have not such integration. Python-gobjet is installed (required). Please, have any of you successfully this working?

    it should work without any additional config after client installation (read on wiki), but there’s no “owncloud” option on nautilus contextual menu or overlay icons (this is less important)

  • How did you install the client? Did you install it from the official repos?

    sudo pacman -S owncloud-client
  • pacman -Si owncloud-client

    Repositorio: community
    Nome: owncloud-client
    Versión: 1.8.0-2
    Descrición: ownCloud client based on mirall
    Arquitectura: x86_64
    URL: http://owncloud.org/
    Licenzas: GPL2
    Grupos: Nada
    Fornece: Nada
    Require: qtkeychain-qt4 qtwebkit neon
    Dependencias opcionais: python-gobject: integration with Nautilus
    En conflito con: Nada
    Substitúe: Nada
    Tamaño da descarga: 1414,60 KiB
    Tamaño instalado: 5176,00 KiB
    Empaquetador: Antonio Rojas ar[email protected]
    Data de compilación: Mér 18 Mar 2015 21:27:48 CET
    Validado por: Suma MD5 Suma SHA256 Sinatura

  • Hmm…Sorry, I don’t use own-cloud so I am not sure about this one. I recommend posting over on the own-cloud forum for further assistance.


  • after further investigation the problem is from nautilus side. If I understand it correctly, a nautilus plugin is needed to get this integration.
    In ubuntu installation there is such plugin and works fine (overlay icons and create public link) in another computer I have, but I have not found such plugin on AUR (or repositories).
    Sadly I’m not savvy enough to compile-write-whatever this plugin and have to wait untill someone is
    thank you for your attention

  • after last client update ( with new optional dependency python2-nautilus there’s nautilus overlay icons and “share owncloud link” on menu.

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