• Is it safe to install all updates that are notified?

    I am a confident linux user, but am new to Arch Linux and obviously Antergos. I read on the Arch Linux website that it was up to the user to decide on what to update, but I do not want the hassle with this, so is it safe for me to update all packages as identified by pacman -Syu?
    I love Antergos as it is quick and relatively simple to operate and I love the rolling release strategy, so many thanks for a great distribution!

  • Hi,

    To tell you the truth, the only package that can give you a lot of headaches is the kernel one. It’s not its fault, it’s because a lot of packages depend on it. However, I always update it, but then from time to time I have problems with some driver (mainly the graphics one) that are solved pretty quick by upstream.


    P.S. I do a pacman -Syu daily, this way not many packages are updated at once so I can easely detect which one is at fault when things go wrong.

  • That makes sense, many thanks for your quick reply.

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