• dualboot antergos windows instead of ubuntu windows

    I have tried antergos in virtualbox for a while and have decided that I want to have it as my primary os. I have right now dualboot with windows 8.1 and ubuntu but want to change it to dualboot between antergos and win 8.1… should I just boot in to ubuntu and install antergos from there ?Or is it something I should think about before I continue?

  • Hi,

    Imho, the easiest way is to boot from the Antergos Live (CD or USB) and install it using the Ubuntu partitions (you must choose Advanced Installation and tell the installer which partitions to use)
    If you have more questions, please ask! ;)

  • @karasu hi, i want to install antergos alongside with windows 8.1 uefi , but I don’t know how to do it , pleas help :)

  • Hi,

    I assume you want to install into the same disk? First you have to resize your existing partition (the one with Windows 8.1). You can do it with GParted (there’s an iso that you can download and run it from an usb). You can use the same program GParted, to setup two partitions for Antergos, one for the root filesystem and the another one for swap. Then, you can install Antergos selecting “Advanced installation”. You’ll only have to select the partitions you created.


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