• [SOLVED] how to add software

    so im a bit confused on how to add my software to the gnome ui
    i wish to use the latest version of blender and the latest version of sublime text

    whats the simplest way of doing this?

  • Hi,
    To install blender, use pacman:

    sudo pacman -S blender

    Sublime text is not on Arch or Antergos repositories, you need to use the AUR.

    Did you add the “AUR” option when installing? If so, you only need to:

    yaourt -S sublime-text

    If you didn’t, you need to install yaourt first, just use pacman and then you can use the command above:

    sudo pacman -S yaourt
    yaourt -S sublime-text


  • oh man so much thanks, i wasnt sure pacman had the latest version
    this is great thank you

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