• How do you use the Antergos wiki?

    I also asked this at IRC, but I think my question was missed.

    You start by going to http://antergos.com/wiki and it presents you categories. I click networking http://antergos.com/wiki/article/categories/networking/ and I am brought to no results found message.

    I go to FAQ from new articles http://antergos.com/wiki/article/frequently-asked-questions/ and I see empty page. I go to http://antergos.com/wiki/article/nvidia-proprietary-drivers/ and I see list that says nothing to me.

    Is something wrong with me or how should I use the wiki to find any information about anything?

    PS. Sorry if this is wrong category, I wondered where does this belong for some time.

  • Yeah, the wiki looks pretty broken to me right now… The “Create a working Live USB” article is missing the command line commands (just showing empty code boxes for me). Also seeing a lot of spam about bathroom cabinets.

    The registration page for the forums also seems to be broken. Wouldn’t let me register an account, I ended up having to register using an external account instead, which I hate doing.

  • We’re working on these issues and should have them sorted soon 😅


  • How many of us need Antergos Wiki? Long Live Arch Wiki 😄

  • Hi,
    The wifi is pretty broken to me …
    ( the wicd not worked ) …

  • @mine wiKi not wiFi xD

  • @mine Buy a new one if its broken 😄

    Archlinux x64

    AMD A4-3305M Processor
    6GB RAM
    1GB+512MB Hybrid AMD GPU

  • @Yash

    Buy a new one if its broken

    xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD

  • Antergos is Arch Linux so therefore it uses all the same repositories and everything else as genuine Arch Linux…the only difference is the grub installer for when you put the OS on your computer. So i always just Use the Genuine Arch wiki and it works great for me
    Click here to go to the Arch wiki Website

    TAC_Tux 😄

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