• [SOLVED] Gnome Installation


    Trying again to get an Antergos installation successfully on GF’s inspiron laptop.
    Cnchi is hanging up on “looking for inter-conflicts” or during “resolving dependencies”
    I can’t do anything from the terminal because terminal launches with error:
    “There was an error creating the child process for this terminal
    grantpt failed: Operation not permitted”

    and root terminal errors with:
    “Failed to run gnome-terminal as a user root
    Failed to fork a new proces: Operation not permitted”

    When I right click, and select synchronize mirrors in pacmanxg,
    everything fails to update with a “(unable to lock database”)
    “error: could not lock database: Input/output error”

    I uninstalled cnchi and reinstalled and when renning it it said some error about not being able to format or partition files. so then I restarted with cd. but am not able to get past looking for itner-conflicts/resolving dependencies

  • Hi,

    Could you post the contents of /tmp/cnchi.log after it hangs? Thanks. Oh, just FYI…You must reboot your system to try again if the installer fails. It will not function properly without a reboot.


  • hello,

    thanks for always responding to my threads. I tried restarting a few times.


  • Thanks, I am pushing an update out as I type this. Give it a a couple hours to sync across the mirror network before you try again 😄


  • It’s working now.


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