• [Solved] Where are networkmanager logs located?

    I’m trying to debug an issue I’m having with my wired ethernet network (via network manager - KDE) but can’t seem to find the relevant logs. I’d like to see what’s going wrong when I try to connect to my VPN. Does anyone know where the pertinent logs are located?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi,

    All logs are saved to the systemd journal. You can access it with this command: sudo journalctl -b 0


  • I ran sudo journalctl -b 0 but it didn’t show what’s going on with networkmanager. I manually switch between a standard wired ethernet and a VPN and would like to see what’s going wrong with the connection protocols. Is there a log which shows this?


  • @melchizedek It should all be in the journal. After you run the command from my previous message, press your end key. Then you can use Page Up to read through the logs from newest to oldest. Note, you cannot scroll the journal with your mouse, you must use the keyboard.


  • Thanks. This worked perfectly.

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