• How to install Antergos on existing partitioned (LVM on LUKS)

    Hi guys, I need some help with the following: To install Antergos on existing partitioned (LVM on LUKS).

    Well, my situation is as follows: currently I have a computer with X GNU/Linux distribution to which I want to replace it with Antergos, its configuration is the following:

    • Partition Table: MBR.
    • Bootloader: LILO.
    • Multiboot: No.
    • UEFI: No.
    • Disk Partitions: 1 primary (/boot -> ext2), 1 extended (LVM on LUKS).
    • Volume group: 1 (crypt).
    • Logical volumes: 4 volumes. root (/root → ext4), swap, home (/home → ext4) and backup (/media/backup → ext4).

    I want to perform the installation keeping the current disk partitioning. Therefore, I booted the computer through the liveCD. The first thing I did was to access the volumes as follows:

    cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdx2 crypt
    vgscan --mknodes
    vgchange -ay

    Then I start the graphical installer and in the section Disk Partitioning I have selected the advanced option. Here I indicated relevant options for each logical volume and I continue the installation process. I think everything is going well until this point, right? The remaining part is completely unknown to me, I fully understand that I must make some modifications on mkinitcpio, the boot loader (I must also activate the options related to hibernation of the computer) and stuff like that… I have found the following: dm-crypt/Encrypting an entire system but I do not know if is sufficient or I need something more. So, I would be very grateful if someone could advise me about it.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Hi,

    I don’t think the installer supports the use of LUKS. @karasu would know how you should proceed for this better than I would, let’s see what he has to say. 😄

  • Hi,
    Cnchi does not support LUKS in advanced installation (but it will soon).

    @icaroperseo :
    You have to add the ‘encrypt’ and ‘lvm’ hooks and the ‘dm_mod’ and ‘dm_crypt’ modules to your mkinitcpio.conf. Also, depending on the encryption type you use, you’ll need to add another module. Cnchi uses aes (the module is called aes_x86_64 or aes_i586, depending if you’re using 32 or 64bit). It’s for you to decide when you create the luks volume.

    Also, remember to update your GRUB setup (/etc/default/grub) if you use luks in your root partition! Add something like:


    to the kernel parameters.

    Check the Arch wiki for more details and come back here if you have any issues.


    EDIT: Geez, I forgot about the “sha256” and/or “sha512” modules! You’ll need to add these too, depending on your LUKS encryption.

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