• Open Broadcasting Software, installs fine, core dumps when run

    Oh the humanity!

    I have tried Antergos Gnome and now Cinnamon. All hail the Antergos Developer Team. Hats off to you! Antergos is outstanding.
    Anyhow, I wanted to install obs-studio-git.

    The install went without a hitch, but upon starting obs from terminal to watch stderr output, it immediately complains:

    [[email protected] ~]$ obs &
    [1] 32052
    [[email protected] ~]$ Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini
    Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini
    Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale.ini
    Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/locale.ini
    Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/themes/Default.qss
    Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/themes/Default.qss

    [[email protected] ~]$ Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/license/gplv2.txt
    Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/license/gplv2.txt
    QObject::connect: invalid null parameter
    info: OBS 0.8.3-84-gdb17a72 (linux)
    info: Processor: 2 logical cores
    info: Processor: Intel® Atom™ CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz
    info: Physical Memory: 1995MB Total
    info: Kernel Version: Linux 3.18.6-1-ARCH
    info: Distribution: Antergos Unknown
    info: audio settings reset:
    samples per sec: 44100
    speakers: 2
    buffering (ms): 1000

    info: X and Y: 902 467
    Backbuffers: 2
    Color Format: 3
    ZStencil Format: 0
    Adapter: 0

    error: Failed to create OpenGL context.
    error: Failed to create context!
    *** Error in `obs’: double free or corruption (out): 0x0000000000e2efa0 ***
    ======= Backtrace: =========
    ======= Memory map: ========


    The above is returned on an Acer Aspire One D260 having an Intel N450 Atom with 2GB ram.

    This is what lspci -vv returns on Intel:
    [[email protected] ~]$ lspci -vv | grep -i intel
    00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx DMI Bridge
    Kernel driver in use: agpgart-intel
    Kernel modules: intel_agp
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics Controller (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
    00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics Controller


    I would be most appreciative for any help you can provide. – Dietrich

  • Hi,

    I’m not familiar with OBS. I see on their website that the linux version has not yet been officially released. If I had to guess as to what the problem was, I’d say that your system may not meet the minimum requirements to run OBS. I recommend contacting the developers for further advice.


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