• What type of rolling release is Antergos ?

    If Antergos did not affect at all Arch itself, Antergos should be Full rolling distro.

    But I saw here in forum that if updates are missed for some time (e.g. couple of weeks), Antergos will be broken. That mean that Antergos is Part rolling distro.

    So, please can somebody from developers of Antergos to expose the factual situation?


    Manjaro is now 8.12 and if you install 8.10 it is impossible to update as all will be completelly broken (system will not boot). As distro depends on subsets of packages (determinated in manjaro-system package), it is not Full rolling model, it is Part(ly) rolling model.

    Daily updates (without “susbset manager”) should not to bring system in broken state after couple of weeks without updates, as they are independent and self build enabled (like broken and valid packages in AUR - broken will not be installed by system, will be aborted).

  • Hi @ljuba

    Antergos is Full Rolling Release ™ xD

    We recommend to update at least once a week to avoid possible headaches when applying multiple updates.

    As the installer always installs the latest packages you shouldn’t experiment the Manjaro problem you’re explaining.

    We do not use/have any “subset manager” ala Manjaro, so in theory it should be possible to update from an old release after a long time (not without manual intervention, of course).

    We do not relay on AUR packages. If a package from AUR is needed in our installation we add it to our repository. If the user installs AUR packages is his own responsibility to fix possible update issues with AUR packages.

    I hope I answered your questions.


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