• AMD Catalyst on antergos LINUX ?

    Hi, i’am getting ready to install those drivers on my dkstro . i wonder if there is a good tutorial to do it :P and how to know which version of xorg is install on antergos ?

  • There was a very nice article in our wiki. However, with the design change, all articles lost their format. We’re working on it…

    Meanwhile, you can check Arch wiki for this.

    EDIT: I was wrong, the article is here: http://antergos.com/wiki/article/amd-catalyst-drivers/

  • I fixed the article in our wiki. There is a script that you can use to install the drivers:



  • Hi, I just did a complete re-write of the Catalyst drivers article in the wiki.

    I cleaned almost everything that was not important.
    Now its no longer a archwiki rip-off and is MUCH easier to understand and follow than archwiki.

    Y’all can thank me now 😎

  • @Yash good work yash!


  • @Yash 👍 Much appreciated!

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