• Antergos KDE on Arch linux

    I just tried Antergos with KDE in virtualbox and it looks great. I was wondering if it is possible to install the Antergos KDE on Arch linux with themes, icons and everything . How can I do this ?

  • Hi,

    You have the necessary files here:

    I think that lots.0.logs posted a message in another thread explaining how to apply those files…

  • Here is the post, It is explaining the process for openbox, Same thing though, download tar extract it and move the files to appropriate location.

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  • Be careful, though. The post is for Openbox, so change the instructions accordingly.


  • I don’t understand how to apply the installation process for openbox to the kde. So I created a new user, installed kde (pacman -S kde) and then copied the directories etc and usr from /home/deadpool/Downloads/kde-setup-master/kde-setup-2014-25-05/ to /etc and /usr and overrided everything. Then I edited the .xinitrc and executed startx. I messed up … the theme doesn’t use lancelot menu but the default one and some icons for files and applications are not showing…
    How can I do this right ?

  • @Dead-pool
    I’m not a KDE specialist (that’s lots.0.logs zone) but have you installed qtcurve? also, you need kfaenza-icon-theme.

    About the KDE settings, is something done by the Cnchi post-install script. You can have a look at it:
    Check the kde_settings part, but more importantly the “# Set User & Root environments” of that function.

  • I installed qtcurve and kfaenza-icon-theme like you said and used the commands from postinstall.sh, also I installed Numix and Numix-Square icon themes. I got “call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full ?)” error but after I chowned .config, .kde and .dmrc everything worked.


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