• More than one desktop

    I would like to try other desktops out.
    So anyway install Cinnamon with the terminal. Everything installed just fine, but I noticed all of my Kde stuff was running also, so it made my system resource usage a lot more than i like.
    Is there a way to try other desktops without Kde running in the background?
    I want legit test on the desktop environment I am trying. The main reason is I want to see if I can run Krita on a non Kde desktop. I want a good balance of features but also lightweight.

  • @john-scrogum You can definitely run Krita on a non-KDE desktop. Pacman will take care of installing the dependencies for any program. If you logged out of your KDE session and logged into Cinnamon, then only your standard startup applications will be running. You will not be running a full KDE desktop and Cinnamon. That can’t happen.

  • @pid1
    Ok thanks I am going continue testing.
    Should Cinnamon be running 800 megs?

  • @john-scrogum Is that just for the cinnamon process or is that total for everything you have running? If it’s everything, I’d say that’s normal. For just the Cinnamon process, it’s higher than normal.

  • @lots.0.logs
    I removed Cinnamon, but I am going to install it again and also mate and make sure I was correct on the processes.

  • When using multiple desktops on the same system I recommend creating a separate user account for each one. It will save you from the quirks that can sometimes occur when multiple desktops are installed. Cheers!

  • @lots.0.logs
    Ok thank you very much

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