• Battery sometimes not detected...

    I am having difficulty with my antergos install. Often, the battery is not detected on startup. This seems to be random. It seems to be related to this post at arch forum:

    I am running antergos on a dual boot macbook pro 8,1 - all files fully updated.
    This is a fresh install of antergos, so there is no option to downgrade the kernel in Pacmanxg (like there would be if the kernel had benn updated…).

    I have reset the SMC on the macbook, but no change.

    Before I start randomly changing conf files as is mentioned in the above post, I thought I would seek the advice of the experts here!

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

  • Hi,

    Try using the LTS kernel and see if the problem still occurs. You can install the LTS kernel with this:

    sudo pacman -S linux-lts

    Don’t forget to regenerate your Grub config:

    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  • Thank you for this suggestion - the battery is detected with the LTS kernel. However, my wireless card is not detected with the LTS kernel…(Broadcom wifi b4331 - this card has always been difficult for me to get working correctly.
    I tried reinstalling the driver, but it only installs for the 3.18 kernel. I guess I could remove the 3.18 kernel and then try reinstalling the wifi driver?
    Or perhaps I should just wait to see if a future kernel update for 3.18 will fix the battery issue - I will check for a bug report.
    Thanks again for your prompt and preceptive suggestion!

  • I have both kernels installed now (3.14 LTS and 3.18). How would I go about removing the 3.18 kernel? If I do this and re install the broadcom wifi card driver, would it be reasonable to expect that the driver will work with the 3.14 kernel?
    Thanks for any advice.
    (I was going to wait to see if an update to 3.18 would solve this, but the undetected battery is too problematic.)

  • You can remove the other kernel if you want, but its not necessary. Just boot with the lts kernel and then install these packages from the AUR:

  • @lots-0-logs Thanks for your help with this. Have LTS running now with wifi. :)
    Just a question - is this OK for long term? Do the long term support kernels get the same security patches and the newer kernels?
    Thanks again for your help.

  • Yes, it’s okay to use them long term. Arch’s LTS kernel version is much closer to the non-LTS kernel than what you would find on other distributions 😄

  • Thanks - it seems the kernel update 3.19-2 has fixed the issue as well. I think I will keep the LTS kernel installed in case other issues crop up…
    Thanks for your help with this.

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