• Checking inter-conflicts

    Hello, im trying to install screenfetch via the package installer but the progress hangs at ‘Checking inter-conflicts’
    I’ve waited for around 30 minutes and still nothing, interestingly it also hangs at this stage with system updates…
    Any answers??

  • There is a bug with Pamac. I’m encountering it as well.

    To update, open a terminal and run

    sudo pacman -Syu

    To install screenfetch, open a terminal and run

    sudo pacman -S screenfetch
  • @pid1 thanks! it worked :)

  • @m-kk Glad to hear everything is working. @lots.0.logs Does this need to be reported to upstream?

  • @pid1 I havent come across the bug myself. If its reproducable then we should report it upstream: http://github.com/manjaro/pamac

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