• @lots.0.logs Excellent. I’m almost tempted to do a reinstallation with this minimal iso. I enjoy minimal.

  • @mcx The installation is exactly the same. The only difference between the two ISOs is that there is no functional live environment to play with on the minimal iso ℹ

  • @lots.0.logs Please, please, please, make an offline installer!
    I had to sit 1½ hours doing nothing while I was installing it.

  • @Vishal-Biswas You could leave the computer downloading and installing and do something else!

    To be honest, we want our users to have the LATEST packages installed, so an offline installation is a no go for us, sorry.

    EDIT: We have other ideas in mind, though… 😁

  • Hey Karasu

    Installing Antergos takes a long time and I have multiple PC’s running it and sometimes I also reinstall my distro. One of the features I would like to see is having the ability to copy your /var packages to a install disk so that the installer can only download the packages needed. This is one thing I always did with a new Arch installation and so save a lot of time by doing so. Last time I tried it with cnchi the installer just re-downloaded the packages. Maybe I did something wrong.

  • Hi @pyUser ,

    In theory there’s an option in cnchi that’s -c that should catch your predownloaded packages.
    So you could run cnchi this way:

    sudo -E cnchi -c /path/to/your/xz/files

    and it should simply copy those packages (if it finds an updated package online it will download it anyway).

    I say in theory because it’s been a while since I tried this feature, and I’m not aware that many people use it, so I’m afraid it could be broken… 😟


  • @karasu

    Thank you karasu… Installed Antergos this weekend on my other Linux PC’s and was so easy just to use that command and skip the hours of waiting for the downloads to complete

  • Why not use tint2-svn in the minimal ISO (because it supports adding launchers) and add cnchi, terminal to it.
    cuz having term is better than having to change the tty in case there’s some error…

  • very nice! ill be using the minimal release from now on for my installs 👍

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