• Application running indicator broken

    In the dock on Gnome, there’s a blue line under icons that indicate whether they are running or not. At the moment, if you’re running a program in your favourites, the blue line does not appear. Interestingly, if you’re running the application and then add it to your favourites, the blue line is there but does not go away when you close the application.

  • Just jumping in to say I notice the same behavior.

  • Hi,

    Are you referring to the dash-to-dock extension or just the dash (that comes with GNOME by default)?

  • While both have an indicator for each running program, it’s only broken for dash-to-dock.

  • Today’s update seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome 😤

  • @lots.0.logs , i see that’s fixed, thank you. Curious to see if either you or @DTHCND can duplicate one more issue that seems to have popped up. I have my Dash to Dock set to auto hide, intellihide, whatever its called. It no longer pops out when I move my cursor over to the left. I have to press the super key on my keyboard to see the dock, or set it to stay visible ;(

    It’s the little things in life, really.

  • I turned off the application specific intellihide and turned off “require pressure”, and it seems to be working again. Just strange that it worked before with that stuff turned on, but this is fine.


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