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    I am a new Antergos user, and installed on my laptop two days ago. I chose Gnome as my DE because, hey, why not…

    Anyway, everything is working well but I am having difficultly witha couple of little things.

    I go to the power management settings in Gnome and I find that my screen is supposed to dim after 15 minutes of inactivity. It never happens, though.

    From what little bit I “think” I understand, this may be due to LightDM being used instead of GDM.

    Before I break something, what is the proper method to get screen dimming and automatic lock after a period on inactivity?


  • Currently the only method for fully functional screen locking in GNOME is by using GDM. We are working on a solution to the problem. In the meantime you can switch to GDM using these commands:

    systemctl disable lightdm
    pacman -Rc lightdm
    pacman -S gdm
    systemctl enable gdm
  • @lots.0.logs

    Are there any caveats for using GDM versus LightDM? I assume the default was changed for a reason. I can use the keypress for manual locking if using GDM will cause other “real” problems.


  • Hi,

    We use lightdm in all desktops (Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE, …) , this way the user always gets the same look’n’feel ;)

    You can use gdm if it works better for you.


  • Just tested as I was having the same issue. GDM is working where LightDM was not.

  • That is the same issue I had. I installed the LTS Kernel but Power Management did not work correctly.

    Lightdm has borked more than one installation of Antergos…

  • I tried the command above listed by @lots.0.logs , and it left me without a login screen.

    I was able to log into terminal using Alt+Ctrl+F2 and revert it, but that was slightly scary ;)

    What was missing? Is there something more that should have installed?


  • @Myk-Robinson No, that should have worked for you. Was your system fully updated when you tried it? Try it again, but run this first:

    pacman -Syyu

    If GDM still fails, it could be a graphics driver issue. I would need to see the logs to determine the problem though.

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