• F-prot Automatic Update/Cron Job?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate section for this question, so here goes.

    I am new to Antergos, coming from many years of Ubuntu/Mint and Suse.

    Just installed Antergos 2 days ago, running Gnome. I use my laptop primarily for network troubleshooting, web browsing, and goofing off. I also use it at the shop to scan data archived from infected Windows machines using F-prot. I installed F-prot just fine, but whenever I installed it on Buntu deriviatives would auto update F-prot on bootup.

    Now that I think about it, it may be because I did not already have a network connection, so perhaps I need to reboot and try again now that I am connected… But if anyone has any words of wisdom for F-prot, or if you have a better AV recommendation for me for basic scans of archived Windows data, I welcome it.


  • @Myk-Robinson said:


    Did you install it from the AUR? I see the pkgbuild adds an hourly cron job for checking for updates. It should run on the hour (00) every hour. If you want it to run also at every boot regardless of what time it is you can add this to /etc/crontab:

    @reboot /usr/bin/fpupdate


  • @lots.0.logs
    No, i downloaded the perl installer from their website. Guess I didn’t see it in the repository. I can remove it then use the one in the repository if that would be better.


  • @lots.0.logs , one more question. If I use the GUI software manager, I see fprot listed.

    If I run the comman d sudo pacman -Ss fprot it doesn’t return anything, nor can I install it just using the -S switch.

    Why does it show in the GUI but not terminal?


  • I assume you figured this one out already? 😉

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