• Make KDE use less resouces

    The main reason i use Kde is I have not been able to get another De to run krita.
    I do like Kde ,but it has so much stuff running all the time.
    When I was using Kubuntu it used about half of the resources.
    This distro is fast seems really stable and it is a rolling release, that is my reason for using it.
    I have turned off a few things from startup and made a few other tweaks.
    If anyone has any suggestions or tips for making Kde less resource hungry, i would like to know what they are.
    Maybe I could switch to a more lightweight DE if It would run Krita.
    Any help or insight?
    I want to stay with Antergos it is really fast and stable.

  • You could try lxqt.

  • @detrimental
    How would I go about it?
    I am still a newbie when it comes to Antergos/Arch.

  • @detrimental
    I am trying to do it, but no luck yet.

  • https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LXQt

    Once you have lxqt installed just switch to lxqt session from display manager.

  • Hi,

    You can follow this guide: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Speeding_up_KDE

  • @karasu
    Thanks I will read through it.

  • @karasu
    So far I have got Kde to run about 460 mbs without anything else running and very little cpu.
    I still want to give Lxqt a try ,but I have tried installing all the Lxqt stuff with pacmanxg and none of it will install.
    I got the Lxqt list from the Arch wiki I am not sure how to do it from the command line.

  • @john-scrogum Use "sudo pacman -S " and then the list of the packages you would like to install.

  • sudo pacman -S lxqt will install the group and you can select what packaged or just push enter for the default all.

  • @pid1

  • @detrimental
    downloading required keys…
    error: key “37E0AF1FDA48F373” could not be looked up remotely
    error: required key missing from keyring
    error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)
    Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

    This is what is happening

  • @john-scrogum Run “sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring”

  • @pid1
    Got it, thanks a bunch.
    I will jump in and start testing it out.

  • @pid1
    I do not think lxqt is ready for prime time yet.
    So I want to remove it.
    What is the command to remove?

  • Never mind I figured it out.

  • sudo pacman -Rs lxqt

    will remove lxqt and dependencies not required by anything else.

  • @detrimental
    Thank you,
    Does the R in Rs have to be uppercase?

  • @john-scrogum said:

    Thank you,
    Does the R in Rs have to be uppercase?

    Yes 😎

  • Yes, it is almost like just using -R but the s specifies to remove dependencies not needed by anything else.

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