• Antergos is great, but

    My feelings may not be everyone’s but, the forum pages are not at all intuitive. I have been on many forums and the navigation, posting, topics are in plain sight.
    Granted the topics here are in plain site, but laid out in such a way as to be not pleasing to the eyes, at least mine anyway.
    I tried to post here so many times and failed. That, in and of itself could drive users away.
    You have to have Chromium installed. WHY? Okay, you want that as your default, but Firefox is fairly dominant as well and you cannot post using FF.
    I hope you don’t take offense, but if you want to see how a forum is laid out and works really really well, look at Manjaro’s.
    Ideal layout, topics sorted by Updates, Desktops, you get the picture.
    I am posting this in the hopes of Antergos really taking off as a distro of choice near the top of everyone’s list.
    I love it. Arch install made easy. Arch, rolling release. No need to install again, etc etc.
    Forgive me for any offense taken. It wasn’t meant to be a ‘mean’ post, just a feeling I had and I want Antergos to succeed.
    There are so many positive aspects to Antergos. This forum layout and mandatory Chromium usage isn’t a positive aspect.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Marshall Neill.

  • @herbie
    I must say I have to agree with your assessment of the layout. I have only been using Antergos 1 day and I am very impressed.
    With that being said though, the forum layout almost scared me away from using it because I was not sure I would be able to get enough support.
    Not only am I new to Antergos but also Linux.
    I am glad to have the forum and Antergos.

  • I’m posting from FF right now. Have been every time for about 2 weeks since I jumped into the Antergos challenge.

    I really like the OS and I hope it succeeds really well too. The forum has been going through some change the same time I got on board. I’m kind of just dealing with it and ignoring a lot because I’ve been seeing it get cleaned up and better every day or two.

    I’m getting used to the forum design now. It took a bit, but I kinda like it since the way to different thing wore off.

    Cool thing is I see see a lot of super mega fast response from the community and the developers when someone asks a question. I LIKE THAT AND THANK YOU ALL FOR IT!!!

    Once I learned more about the specifics of my questions I had I was able to know more of what specific sub forum it belonged in. Makes sense to me now.

  • I am glad that you can post in FF because I just gave up and installed Chromium.

  • Just installed antergos today and post from FF without issue.

  • @herbie said:

    I am glad that you can post in FF because I just gave up and installed Chromium.

    Correct me if I am in error, but wasn’t Chromium part of your base Antergos install?

    I own several forum sites and it seems that 99% of problems like you describe can be handled by simply clearing the browser’s cache history. Have you tried that, to see if it might help? I know, it sounds pretty elementary, but the process is one that is often overlooked.

    As for that other distro’s support forums, I certainly cannot blame lots.0.logs for avoiding SMF, as it is a platform that is a real pain to configure and maintain. Without question, SMF has a more traditional UI and layout, but the inner workings are pretty painful.

    I was not a big fan of this forum platform (why use past tense, I still don’t much care for it), but other than a few styling issues in the first couple of days after the migration, Firefox has been working just fine for me. And to his credit lots.0.logs managed to get all the styling problems corrected, so I have zero issues viewing and using this site with Firefox. Technically, everything is working well. Aesthetically? Well, I will just keep my opinion to myself. ;-)

  • Yes, I cleared my cache and still the same problem.
    Additionally, yes chromium was part of the install but chromium is not for me. FF just suits my tastes better and it doesn’t load up my home directory with all the cacne files, I have FF using memory for cache.
    I will just use chromium if I want to post here.

  • Try to install Qupzilla you may love it.

  • Well at least quipzilla works. Now I have to get it set to my liking.

  • @herbie said:

    My feelings may not be everyone’s but, the forum pages are not at all intuitive.

    I agree with you. I think Antergos developers had good intentions, but as you sad, it is not intuitive, every time I got confused trying to know who replied who. And the wiki has the same problem, inovative layout, but confuse and non intuitive. And maybe it would be a problem for users to create content on the wiki and get informations from it.

  • I like the new forum software and design, at first it was different but kept growing on me. A much more modern feel, most forum software seems like it has never progressed to me.

  • My concerns are that if we find it non-intuitive and difficult to use you could drive users away from Antergos, I know I can use the Arch Wiki and their forum, but don’t say you installed via Antergos, you might get negative responses as you didn’t install ‘The Arch Way’ which to my thinking is not conducive to getting people to use a distro. Arch is Arch and will probably always be that way.
    Me, I am just to damned lazy to go thru all the machinations to get a distro installed. Antergos takes the pain out of installing Arch and for that they deserve SO MUCH CREDIT.
    Anyway, I digress.

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