• Forum only works correctly with Chromium

    This forum appears to only work with Chromium. Now that is kinda strange.
    I use FF exclusively and now, in order to post here, I have to install Chromium.
    When I clicked on Reply or New Topic, I would get a box at the bottom right of the page and that was it. Not allowed to enter data.
    I only thought of installing Chromium as it was the default browser installed.
    I had just installed completely wiping out my Manjaro install and installed Firefox. Worked great, except here.
    Perhaps the site is is checking for Chromium and then disables any input as in posting.

  • i’m in FF and it displays just fine… thou the “forum”, if you can call it that, is that much modied…

  • Several people, including myself, have responded to the same issue you raised in this thread - http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1728/antergos-is-great-but/5

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