• Cnchi failing on me

    I hope I get some sort of answer because forums seem dead to me. Is there some other place where people gather?

    Anyway, I am trying to make Antergos dual boot with windows.
    I start up Cnchi and everything goes well until I have to make my partitions.
    I have one partition that I use for windows.
    Other one is free space. I manage to make /boot partition but when I am trying to make /root and choose size/type etc and try to press OK nothing happens.
    From this point on Cnchi completely stops reacting to everything I do.
    It’s not frozen, if I press Cancel button colour will change but it won’t do what’s supposed to do.

  • Hi! If you could, please post the installer log after this issue occurs. You will find it here: /tmp/cnchi.log. Thanks!

  • Hello, thanks for your time.
    Here’s my log:
    [2015-02-27 18:58:31] [mainwindow.py] INFO: Cnchi installer version 0.6.44
    [2015-02-27 18:58:38] [timezone.py] INFO: We have connection. Let’s get our timezone
    [2015-02-27 18:58:38] [timezone.py] INFO: Timezone detected.
    [2015-02-27 18:58:40] [check.py] INFO: We have Internet connection.
    [2015-02-27 18:58:40] [check.py] INFO: We’re connected to a power source.
    [2015-02-27 18:58:40] [check.py] INFO: We have enough disk space.
    [2015-02-27 18:58:40] [connectionpool.py] INFO: Starting new HTTP connection (1): www.archlinux.org
    [2015-02-27 18:58:41] [connectionpool.py] DEBUG: “GET /mirrors/status/json/ HTTP/1.1” 301 366
    [2015-02-27 18:58:41] [connectionpool.py] INFO: Starting new HTTPS connection (1): www.archlinux.org
    [2015-02-27 18:58:41] [connectionpool.py] DEBUG: “GET /mirrors/status/json/ HTTP/1.1” 200 17392
    [2015-02-27 18:58:41] [rank_mirrors.py] DEBUG: Auto mirror selection has been run successfully
    [2015-02-27 18:58:43] [location.py] INFO: locale changed to : en_GB.UTF-8
    [2015-02-27 19:58:43] [timezone.py] INFO: location changed to : Europe/Sarajevo
    [2015-02-27 19:58:43] [timezone.py] INFO: location changed to : Europe/Sarajevo
    [2015-02-27 19:58:46] [timezone.py] INFO: location changed to : Europe/Zagreb
    [2015-02-27 19:58:48] [keymap.py] INFO: keyboard_layout is Croatia
    [2015-02-27 19:58:52] [desktop.py] INFO: Cnchi will install Antergos with the ‘cinnamon’ desktop
    [2015-02-27 19:59:00] [features.py] DEBUG: Selected ‘aur’ feature to install
    [2015-02-27 19:59:00] [features.py] DEBUG: Selected ‘fonts’ feature to install
    [2015-02-27 19:59:00] [features.py] DEBUG: Selected ‘office’ feature to install
    [2015-02-27 19:59:00] [features.py] DEBUG: Selected ‘firewall’ feature to install
    [2015-02-27 19:59:15] [advanced.py] INFO: You will delete the partition /dev/sda4 from disk /dev/sda
    [2015-02-27 19:59:29] [advanced.py] DEBUG: Creating a primary partition
    [2015-02-27 20:00:02] [advanced.py] DEBUG: Creating a primary partition

    Maybe it’s worth noting, when I try to make / partition on type part Primary is gray like it can’t be selected.
    And battery seems to be stuck to whatever state it was in when I booted. If it’s charging it will keep saying so even if I unplug, etc.

  • Okay thanks. Could you post a screenshot of the installer’s advanced mode screen so I can see your current partition layout? Thanks.

  • Of course.
    This is what it looks before I make changes:
    And after I make /boot and try to make /

  • Okay, I see the problem. With the traditional MSDOS partition table, you can have up to four primary partitions. What you need to do is delete sda4 and then add a new Extended Partition in its place. Then you can add your root and separate /boot if you like (though a separate /boot is not required in this case) . Also I noticed that you chose ext4 for your /boot partition. It should be /ext2 because grub does not support ext4. 😉

  • Thank you very much for clarifying that to me. I appreciate the help. Never thought I’d get response from actual developer.
    Could you just assist me a bit about making that new Extended partition? Can I do that from Cnchi?

  • Sure, it’s actually not difficult at all. You can do it from within Cnchi. It works the same way that creating normal partitions works except you will create an Extended partition. After you create the extended partition you will see that you can click the free space within it and create logical partitions.

  • Completely missed that option. Thank you once again. I really appreciate the help. Everything is working as intended now. :)

  • You’re welcome 😃

  • Cnchi should select extended partition by default if no primary partition can be created… I’ll try to fix this asap.

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