• krita 2.9

    I got rid of windows a few months ago so I am kind of new to linux.
    I have been bouncing from distro to distro since.
    I installed Antergos kde less than 24 hours ago. So far I have not had any real issues.
    One of the many reasons for switching to Linux was Krita runs better on linux than windows.
    Right now I have Krita 2.8.7 installed .
    Krita 2.9 was just released. I have searched for the new version add remove programs.
    Will it be added to the repos?
    I see the git build Aur, but I have rather not have to build it.

  • According to this, they’re currently testing 2.9.0-1 for Arch. It’s coming. 😃


  • cool thank you very much

  • Welcome John! Been here on the forum for about 2 or 3 weeks after I decided to drop Antergos onto my Chromebook. You’ll get super fast help here. I hope you stay with Linux after you settle on a distro you really like. I’m 3 years in with it and haven’t looked back. Best thing I ever did.

  • @billj
    Right now it looks like I will be staying with Antergos for a while.
    I think the next step is learning as much as possible about Arch in general and then one of these days install Arch the Arch way.
    I have installed maybe 8 or 10 distros in the last several weeks just testing them out to see which one did everything I wanted. Sometimes it has been frustrating but at the same time a real blast.

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