• [Solved] Game plays great on Debian distros but not Arch.

    Anyone got any idea on this? My favorite game ‘Sins of a Solar Empire Rebelion’ used to play on my PC running Antergos. Then a few months back, after an update, it stopped. Nothing I tried worked. I ended up installing Debian on dual boot & it worked great. I have now done a fresh install of Antergos & still SOASER still will not run. I have installed, Debian, Ubuntu, Zorin on my PC & Laptop & SOASER runs flawlessly on both, so not a graphics card issue. Seems Debian distros work but Arch do not (tried Manjaro too). Tried using older Wine & PlayonLinux & still same. Best result I get is a black screen that pops on SOASER for a second & off again repetatively or plays intro fine but stops before menu screen.

  • @Uzi Shocked that no one has any input, even if it was only - Wine is crap on Arch. 😞

  • Are you using the same graphics driver? Also, are you using 32bit or 64bit wine? I think that Ubuntu comes with the 32bit version (I could be wrong).

    You should “replicate” the same environment that you had on Ubuntu or Debian. Check the wine.cfg file.

    Bear in mind that your question is a very specific one. Have you run Wine on a terminal and checked its output? Maybe in a forum related to SOASER you’ll be able to find more help (I don’t play any games and I’m sure a lot of people here don’t, too :p)


  • I tested it on Antergos 64 & 32 bit. On my Pc & my laptop. Against Zorin, Ubuntu & Debian, all worked great, Antergos & Manjaro would not. Clearly something is different between Arch based & Debian based Wine but I couldn’t find it. I tried same versions of Playonlinux & Wine to no avail.

  • Hi,

    In Ubuntu, were you using a proprietary graphic driver or not?

    Have you checked these?



  • I was using Nvidia on my PC but dont know what was used on laptop but all Debian based distros worked with no issues on both so no driver issues. Only the Arch based distros wont work - Antergos & Manjaro. I will just stay with dual booting between Antergos & Zorin. Just wished I didn’t have to. Really just want Antergos which does everything else perfectly.

  • For those who may run into this issue the fault lies with PLAYONLINUX & using it for older versions of Wine. My game will not work on Wine 1.7.xx or 1.6.xx via POL BUT 1.6.2-3 Wine-Stable is in the AUR … and my game now works on Arch again.
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