• [solved] Installation not starting

    So I’m trying to install Antergos using Cnchi 0.6.44 but I’m “stuck” at 0% : Installing using the ‘automatic’ method. Please wait…

    My drive was clear (no previous OS) and have been using the default partitioning scheme. Any ideas?

  • Hi DNAngel,

    You should post the Cnchi’s log, so we can see what’s happening. Oh, It could be a mirror problem, though.

    OK, to grab the log:
    Run in a terminal:
    sudo -E cnchi -dv
    The log file should appear in /tmp

    About the mirrors, you can update your mirrorlist BEFORE running Cnchi:

    Install Reflector (tool that determines the best mirrors by testing them live)
    pacman -S reflector

    Run Reflector. The command finds the 20 latest mirrors and then which 10 of those are the fastest.
    reflector -l 20 -f 10 --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

    Then let Cnchi try again


  • It was probably a mirror problem. Currently installing Antergos Cinnamon for test driving.
    Thank you karasu!

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