• Dustin, talk to me about Divi

    Since you are the Elegant pro, what is Divi like, to get it set up? I used to use an Elegant theme, years ago. I discovered Thesis and dropped Elegant. (Although I did manage to forget to cancel the auto-renewal function on my account, so I paid for another year. :-/ Still kicking myself for that one.) But to be honest, I am not real excited with the direction Chris Pearson has taken Thesis. I am still using the 1.8 branch, with no desire to learn what it takes to get the 2.0 branch looking right.

    Is the D&D Builder really that simple, in Divi? I like using Wordpress, as it is quick, simple, and does a pretty good job with SEO, so I really don’t want to end up with a theme that requires a bunch of additional effort, ala Thesis 2.x. That just ends up turning the ease of WordPress into a PITA.

    I am in the process of building a site for a new business venture, and I already have Thesis 1.8.6 on the site. But I keep thinking Divi might be a better way to go. I run ten WordPress sites, and I am not sure I would want to use Divi on all of them, but it is certainly getting my attention for at least 3 or 4 of them.

    I reckon I could use Divi’s text module for Adsense insertion?

    It’s been long enough that I cannot recall, does Elegant offer an affiliate program?

    I have to admit, I am really teetering on the edge of moving back to Elegant.

    To steer this back around, it looks like you are getting some of the kinks out of Node. You’re a better man than I, believe me. Litespeed, MariaDB, and a XenForo license are all I want/need to set up a forum site.

    Antergos is running like greased lightning on all four of my machines. I was delighted when I managed to get it installed on my iMac. I dual-boot Win 7 on my laptop, and I dual-boot Arch (yeah, yeah, what a waste of space, I know, I know) on this machine. I have an old Dell XPS-410 that is a bit grumpy about the Cinnamon desktop, as it only has 1 GB of RAM, but it runs fine, other than that. I don’t think anything is ever going to lever me off Antergos, as it ticks every box of my dream Linux distro wishlist.

    EDIT - Hmmm, I just checked and my Elegant access is good for another 5 or 6 weeks.

  • Hi Mike!

    A couple weeks ago made one year since I began working for Elegant Themes. During that time I’ve have become very familiar with the themes (of course), but I also got to know what ET is all about (for lack of a better term). From their take on the importance of customer service to their obsession with “clean code”, and to their views on open source in general–everything is perfectly inline with my own beliefs/opinions. So needless to say I’ve been very happy to be working with them. Are the themes perfect? No, of course not. Are there areas that could be improved? Absolutely!

    You asked about Divi, it’s a really great theme. I’ve seen people use it in ways I’m not creative enough to come up with. It truly is one of the most versatile themes I have ever used. However, Divi is not intended to be a theme framework. Divi is designed to be simple to use without requiring any coding knowledge. Of course, those who have coding knowledge can do more with Divi than those who do not. The only complaints we ever receive are from users who have no experience with wordpress and/or web development who expect to create a website like cnn.com, walmart.com, etc without any prior knowledge of PHP/HTML/CSS . You know what…I’m going to climb out of that rabbit hole right now while I still can (otherwise this post would turn into a novel LOL).

    Soo as you say, STEERING THIS BACK AROUND…I have worked out the major issues that came up during migration with NodeBB. Though there are several that still need my attention. I want to be clear that most of the issues were not directly the fault of NodeBB. They were caused by my, “I know what I’m doing, what could go wrong?” mentality hehe… You just wait and see, once I put the finishing touches on the theme and some time has passed, you’ll warm up to NodeBB. I know you don’t believe me but let’s just wait and see shall we? ;-)

    Regarding the Affiliate program. ET is actually one of the last (if not the last) theme company that still operates an affiliate program. As you might have noticed, I signed Antergos up for the program. Hopefully it will bring in some funds for the project. Well, I think this post is long enough, don’t you? haha. Let me know if you have any other questions or just want to talk shop again :-D

  • Dustin, this may sound strange to you, but I’ve always tried to use very minimalistic styles on my sites. The Elegant theme I used to use was just a very simple, gray theme. When I moved over to Thesis, I tried to create the same look. And now, believe it or not, I am using Divi, straight out of the tin, with its plain, vanilla background, and nothing flashy. And I think I really like how it is looking. I’m still playing around, touching things up, here and there, but I really don’t think I am going to fall into the trap of making it all ultra-glitzy.

    Years ago, I created a vBulletin 3.x style that was really stripped down. Other than our logo, there were no images. In the very few places where I had color, it was all done with CSS. It was lightning-fast I had four vB forums, at that time, and one used red styling, one used green, one used blue and one used black. The NavBar, the category strips, and the page links were the only items that had any color. Everything else was white.

    I do have faith in your ability to get things squared up with NodeBB. I am just imagining you pulling out your hair, by the handfuls, as you do it. ;-) And I am not even mentioning the fact that I am a die-hard Firefox user. :-P

  • You’re right about the hair pulling. There’s been a lot of that and more than a few choice words yelled at the screen HAHA…I have good new for you. You can use Firefox without any problems on the forum now :-)


  • Look at you. Look. At. You. You got the styling issue fixed. Looking good!

    <dashes off to find a gold star and some Rogaine for Dustin>

    Does NodeBB use BBCodes, or have they re-invented that wheel, as well?

  • They use Markdown currently (seems to be all the rage these days eyeroll lol) There was a recent commit that made the post parser a plugin so that forum admins have other options like bbcode (though currently one would have to create a plugin b/c none exist just yet!). I’m sure it wont be long though! If I havnt gotten comfortable with markdown by the time bbcode is available I will likely make the switch!

  • @lots.0.logs Check out Stackedit for Markdown editing.

  • @pid1 Cool. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  • The more I dig around in Divi, the more I find. No question, that is one exciting theme.

    I was planning to use Divi on a site for a new business. But after seeing how comprehensive Divi is, I think I will be adding a slate of WordPress services to our list of offerings. That is, of course, assuming I can get my nose out of the Divi control panel, and focus on business! I am really starting to think there is nothing that cannot be done with Divi.

    And to think I just happened across a blurb that mentioned you work with Elegant. That got me thinking to look in on what is happening at Elegant and suddenly, a lot of doors are popping open.

  • @Mike Yeah, it has a really good balance of what it provides vs what you could easily add to it with a child theme!

  • Dustin, when you get a chance, during your regular workday, check your personal G+ account. I sent you a Private Message over there.

  • @Mike Ahh, I saw that the day you sent it but since you gave me a pass for the weekend I forgot all about it 😁 I’ll go check it again right now and reply!

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