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    Just a few thoughts from a returning user…
    I’ve used Antergos for about a year - I’m all in, totally love it. It’s never given me much in the way of problems - & I guess it’s that fact which has kept me an infrequent visitor to the Antergos website & its community.

    Until this week, when I had a problem: See my post elsewhere, “Dude… Where’s my Sound?”

    Having concluded, that no-one here had already experienced my problem, nor in the Arch forums, I decided to start a new topic here to solve my issue. This is where I first encountered the issues with all the changes going on around here.

    Repeated attempts to reset my password failed - the site complaining about ‘‘incorrect or invalid reset code’’. Eventually I had to leave the forum & go elsewhere for answers.

    Back a couple of days later, & somehow I overcome the password reset issue & again start a new forum topic. I don’t know markdown, so am happy to see help on that very subject in the options above as I’ve now written my post & am looking to format it retrospectively. Clicking on it takes me to a new webpage with the info I need, only it didn’t open the link in a new tab, I was redirected. Returning back to the Antergos forum using the back button, did not return me back to my forum post. Try as I did I couldn’t rediscover the forum post I’d written but hadn’t formally posted - it was lost!

    I wrote the post again, but out of my appreciation for the Antergos team I wanted to share this with you. I read somewhere here about dwindling participation & hope these words help in some way. I am not ‘noob’ but certainly closer towards the ‘novice’ linux user end of the spectrum. Perhaps I missed something that caused my own grief.

    Note for moderators; I set up a new account to post a forum post about my password reset issue; The name is “plentyAnon” or “Anonplenty” - I can’t remember which. Feel free to delete this account as it was me all along!

  • There have certainly been a few “bumps in the road” throughout the migration of the forum. With hindsight being 20x20 as it always is, I can admit that I should have taken more time to test the full migration before actually doing it. oops I certainly didn’t expect to have the problems that I did with it. The lesson I learned is to prepare for everything --even the things you do not expect to happen!

    Sorry you lost your post. My day job is actually working in an online support forum so I know what it feels like! I will report the issue with the markdown help link to the NodeBB devs so they can fix it.

    Thanks for the feedback, let us know if you experience any other issues!

  • I admit I can’t remember what the forum was like before, but it was perfectly functional & performed as a forum should. What I do know is that it took courage to rip out what you had, & was known to work, in favour of moving forward & improving the experience with NodeBB.
    From experience, it hints to me at the type of Developers you are - it’s a bold move that don’t come from a place of fear, or “it works - let’s move on”.
    I like it - keep it up!

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