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    I´ll shortly recieve a Meegopad T01 32GB with Windose installed. I´ve already read a couple of articles, that installing Linux is problematic due to the device containing the Atom Z3735F intel chip running 32bit UEFI, which is barely supported in the linux world.

    Can somebody tell me the status of 32bit UEFI support of Antergos?

    Fedora seems to have a respin for such devices.

    Also Ubuntu claims some support since 14.10. Ian Morrison has published substancial work on how to (tripple)boot the device with Android and Ubuntu 64bit by switching out the EFI bootloader file (as far as i understand it…). Link to his latest post

    If it has not been tried yet with Antergos I of course offer testing with my device (once it arrives…). It would be great to make antergos one of the leading distros in this matter since more and more of such devices seem to hit the market.


    EDIT: A good general description of the 32bit UEFI Baytrail issue can be found here: Link
    Although its a bug description for Grub2, it summrizes the issue well.

  • Antergos does not currently support 32-bit UEFI. Well at least it doesnt support installing a bootloader for 32-bit. The first thing to test is whether or not you can boot our live media. If you cannot then that means Arch doesnt currently support it. Let us know when you receive the device if you can boot the media or not. Thanks!

  • Alright, the device is finally here. I tried plugging in a usb with the antergos image but no luck.

    Then I tried following Linuxiums guide for ubuntu (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cp8PHEmNrlDufVoDpeEqNEdGWJi_cZ_Mo6VC7QDeN8s/edit?hl=de&forcehl=1) buy inserting the bootia32.efi file into /efi/boot/. Now I can boot from the usb stick but I end up at the grub2 command line prompt.

    That got me thinking what bootloader Antergos is actually using. Isnt it Syslinux? If thats the case, I guess throwing on some grub2 32bit versions wont help :/ Maybe there is a “bootia32.efi” version of Syslinux?

    If you guys have some ideas or even make an image for testing, Im happy to try it out!


  • If Grub works, then gummiboot should also work (which is what the ISO uses). You could always edit the ISO and install grub files to it, though I’m not sure that will work.


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