• seahorse question

    seahorse has integration with gnome-keyring. does it have the same or similar integration with antergos keyring?
    those are links to the app/project

  • @mim86 please help

  • Hi,

    No it does not. What exactly do you wish to do with the antergos-keyring?

  • encrypt files and e-mails

  • The antergos keyring is to allow you to install packages that have bee officially signed by Antergos. To encrypt files and e-mail you need to use gnupg. Here’s a link where you can learn more about it: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GnuPG

  • I use GPG tied to Thunderbird via Enigmail. Works very very smooth after it is set up.

    I would recommend going to youtube and doing a video search for “Thunderbird with Enigmail”. You will find a lot of videos on how to set it up correctly.

  • is there a gui front end that workes with antergos gnome?

  • As @billj mentioned, you can send encrypted e-mails using Thunderbird and it’s Enigmail extension. More info here:


  • what about for encrypting files ?

  • Seahorse provides that ability. Which desktop are you using? You should see an option to Encrypt a file when you right click on it.

  • using antergos gnome. will that work with it?

  • Yes it will 👍

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