• drm:ivybridge - Pipe A FIFO underun issue on Acer C720.

    I know it’s not he best supported hardware, Acer C720 with i3, but last weekend when I did some updates a few things broke for me. I fixed all the errors that came up but this one. I think it belongs here in K&H.

    [drm:ivybridge_set_fifo_underrun_reporting] *ERROR* uncleared fifo underrun on pipe A
    [drm:ivb_err_int_hander] *ERROR* Pipe A FIFO underrun

    I’m on a fresh install and I’m wondering what it takes to go back, or forward, a bit in the kernel or find a patch somehow.

    I’ve spent a hours reading about it in the Arch wiki about kernel versions, packages, rollbacks, and configuring grub.cfg’s, but after going about 9 steps deep into having to reference other pages to other pages I decided kernel work isn’t for me. (That’s why I went Antergos instead of Arch)

    So my question: Is there an easy way to solve this issue, or am I just out of luck until a new kernel update comes or I get some serious kernel know how?

    Thanks in advance,


  • @billj said:

    [drm:ivybridge_set_fifo_underrun_reporting] ERROR uncleared fifo underrun on pipe A

    This is definitely a known issue upstream. I’m afraid there is not anything that fixes it yet. You can track the progress on the Arch Bug Tracker as well as upstream (freedesktop.org):



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