• Tutorial: Adding a custom LightDM background

    This tutorial assumes you have Gedit installed, but any text editor will work.

    Step 1) Copy your new wallpaper into the Antergos wallpaper folder and the LightDM thumbnail folder.

    $ sudo cp /path/to/image.jpg /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/img/thumbs
    $ sudo cp /path/to/image.jpg /usr/share/antergos/wallpapers

    Step 2) Change the permissions on the copied files so LightDM can access them.

    $ cd /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/img/thumbs
    $ sudo chmod 644 image.jpg
    $ cd /usr/share/antergos/wallpapers
    $ sudo chmod 644 image.jpg

    Step 3) Add your new wallpaper to the picker on the right side of the lockscreen. This requires adding a new link in the section of /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/index.html.

    $ cd /usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos
    $ sudo gedit index.html

    Step 4) Add an a href with the same format as the other wallpapers, replacing the image name with the one you copied.

                        <a href="#" data-img="image.jpg" class="bg clearfix">
                        <img src="img/thumbs/image.jpg" />

    Step 5) Test your new configuration

    $ lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    You should see your new wallpaper in the chooser on the right.

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  • that is a good tutorial but you will need sudo to modify root files/folders.

    I’d suggest using Gedit, Kate, Mousepad, etc instead of Nano just because they are more user-friendly for a tutorial.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I used the Arch convention of # for operations requiring sudo, but I will add in an explicit sudo and switch over the editor commands to Gedit.

  • Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing it.

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