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    What happened to the previous interface :) I liked it more

  • What happened to the previous interface :) I liked it more

  • I have to agree with you. I’m not a fan of phpBB, in the first place, and I consider the prosilver style to be an eyesore.

    Then again, if phpBB is still as much a pain to modify and style as it once was, I can’t say I blame anyone for not wanting to bother with it.

  • I had also asked about forum desing.
    [*][/color:2to9ut0l] [url:2to9ut0l]http://forum.antergos.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2452[/url:2to9ut0l]
    There is no design forum like the one from #!Crunchbang

  • ya. I have to agree. I liked the older silver versioning that the forum had before. I also found it a bit more ascetically pleasing to look at.

  • I’d like to report a little bug of this new style. Under user’s avatar, the label of the message counter, sign in date, and pm contact all end with “COLON” word.

    In spanish it reads: MensajesCOLON, RegristradoCOLON and CONTACTCOLO respectivily

    thank you for your work

  • I’m not seeing that on this end, everything appears as it should.

    ❗Sorry, this attachment is unavailable.

    What browser are you using when you see that error? Have you tried visiting the site with another browser? When was the last time you cleared your browser’s cache?

  • [b:mfd8fpu2]Firefox 35[/b:mfd8fpu2], but it was the same on previous versions

    After reading your post I’ve opened [b:mfd8fpu2]Chromium[/b:mfd8fpu2] and [b:mfd8fpu2]there was not that problem but I was not logged[/b:mfd8fpu2] as forum user (just guest user),[b:mfd8fpu2] then I logged in[/b:mfd8fpu2] and the “COLON” word came back there too.

  • Wow. Just wow.

    I’ve owned and operated discussion forum sites for well over a decade, I’ve used software packages from phpBB, from SMF, from MyBB, from vBulletin, from Invision, and from XenForo. And never have I found anything quite this painful to use.

    My experience has always been that to convert to a new software platform that did not allow passwords to be properly imported was a sure way to drive away current users. When I saw I needed a new password, I sighed and went about jumping through the hoops. Only to find NodeBB refuses to allow me to generate a new password, using LastPass. Fail #1.

    NodeBB refuses to allow me to upload my pre-existing avatar, which also was apparently lost in the import process. That avatar was a 31.1 kB PNG file, which is well within the limitations shown, but NodeBB reports this is an invalid file. Fail #2.

    I converted the avatar image to the JPG format, and it now has a file size of 10.6 kB. That too, is an invalid file. Fail #3.

    I would have hoped efforts would have been made to help redesign the forum community to be more welcoming, rather than less inviting. That, clearly, did not happen. Should I ever need to drive members away from any of my own forum sites, I’ll keep NodeBB in mind. NodeBB will certainly ensure I spend even less time here.

    Sorry for being so blunt with my opinion, but this really comes across to me as an ill-considered move. I’ll see everyone on G+.

  • @Mike There are a few kinks that need to be worked out. The migration did not go as smoothly as I planned. That’s not really NodeBB’s fault so much as it is the way phpBB organizes its database. Give me a few days to smooth everything out. It will be fine. Change is good :-)

  • Que bonito que está el foro, he entrado sin problema. Felicidades por este diseño saludos

  • Things didnt go smooth. The change was unexpected and out of the blue. For some days I thought there was a problem with the site, as I was getting the msg that it was down. Today, I tried entering again and I came across this new one. I tried to login according to the instructions, but no good. There was no way to reset my psw as I was prompted. I finally managed to login via my G+ account.
    No evaluations yet, as I did not have the time to go through it. For the time being, I am confused… -:)

  • Dustin, I respect the time you are putting into this. I really do. Installing NodeBB is not a walk in the park, like the standard PHP/SQL forum platforms.

    A year or two back, I dropped MariaDB in on my servers, and started using memcached. The members of my forums loved the speed increase. A few months later, I decided to start using Litespeed, which sped the forums up even more. Those were good changes, because I was improving the forum experience for my members.

    When you had members who were only asking for a return to the more familiar phpBB theme you had previously offered, how was the decision to switch over to NodeBB brought into play? People wanted to return to something they felt was familiar, not switch to something completely foreign. In all the years I’ve owned/operated discussion forums, the only good changes were the ones my members called good. The other changes were always something other than good.

    Personally, I’ll never understand the reasoning for using Redis on a forum platform. And I’ve converted dozens of phpBB forums over to vBulletin, Invision, and XenForo, with no real surprises involved, so I guess I don’t see the shortcomings in phpBB data organization. My guess is the real issue is how we’ve all been bitten in the backside by the switch from SQL to NoSQL.

    I do see this install of Node is now recognizing my gravatar, so perhaps this foretells of greater things to come?

  • I appreciate your efforts Dustin, although I find this forum format a bit convoluted. I’m sure I’ll get use to it.

  • The new forum design isn’t all that bad. It looks a bit sleek. I think it just takes some getting used to. The exception of course is the navigation aspect. The icons are new and definitely could use a different identifier. Identifying the icon for all the latest posts, my own posts, etc… is a new avenue to wander around.
    And the thing about my own av ( and after 2 years, I finally decided to get one too. LOL) not being imported is…well…I won’t say.

  • Very nice, beautiful and good work for the new forum design!

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