• Antergos [Arch] suitable for gaming?

    I want to use my HTPC (a laptop with an i3 processor, 4gb RAM, Intel HD3000 VGA) also as a gaming PC. From your experience is Antergos [Arch] a suitable distribution when using Steam, or should I try Ubuntu?

    *I have read articles and the Arch Wiki, what I want is user experience on this.*

  • I want to use my HTPC (a laptop with an i3 processor, 4gb RAM, Intel HD3000 VGA) also as a gaming PC. From your experience is Antergos [Arch] a suitable distribution when using Steam, or should I try Ubuntu?

    *I have read articles and the Arch Wiki, what I want is user experience on this.*

  • Hi,

    I can’t help you (I’m no gamer myself) but I know there’re a lot of users here using steam.

    Do a search in the forum and see it for youself.


  • Hello I use steam & Play On Linux on my 4 years old laptop.

    It work fine but don’t expect fancy graphics with your HTPC you’ll have to lower it.

    The Linux library on steam work good and stream work good too even on wifi, PoL is very usefull to install easely GoG games. I even play Eartstone on my laptop.

    But you’ll certainly have to tweak it a bit to have things work properly like for everything in linux. And use the prorietary drivers for your graphic card OpenSource ones are completly useless in gaming.

  • … unless you are the owner of AMD/ATI Graphic card. Then You can try to play with those mesa patches:https://wiki.ixit.cz/d3d9

    In my case FPS doubled in Bioshock demo (installed only for testing). LoL works just excellent in highest settings (+ “shop patch”). Without driver game was freezing few times per match. WoT run in “old” mode very well, in “new mode” on something around medium settings just fine (~25 fps), and didn’t even start without it.
    I’ve also played Dragon Age (~30 fps on medium) and first Witcher (even more), but didn’t test it at all without driver, because games was unable to start (maybe my misconfiguration? Dunno).

    CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X4 955 Processor @ 3.2
    RAM: 10003M
    GPU: AMD/ATI HD 6850
    Kernel: 3.16.4-1-ARCH

  • I’m torn between Antergos GNOME for the latest versions of software and the whole KISS principle, and Ubuntu because of it being more thoroughly used for general and gaming purposes, as for desktop environments, I believe that both GNOME or Unity are the way to go, because they are great for larger screens (I own a 47" LG 3D TV).

  • I use Antergos with Cinnamon and have no problem at all with any games. Both Antergos (Arch) and Ubuntu work perfectly for gaming and everything else but Arch will give you the latest version ofpaquets ASAP.

  • If I was the first person to reply, I would’ve said “Ask Xpander69”

    but anyways, I’ve played games on Ubuntu, Arch, and Windows.

    IMO, OpenGL is a disaster for AMD on linux(or Maybe AMD is disaster for OpenGL idk). But yeah, DirectX games give MUCH better performance on my laptop.

    I downloaded both windows version and linux version of Unigine Heaven Benchmarks. Even windows DirectX Heaven benchmarks gave me better results under wine than Heaven Benchmarks running natively on OpenGL in Arch.
    and ofcourse DirectX running natively in WIndows gives better results than all others.

    oh and about Arch vs Ubuntu for gaming? I get little bit better performance on arch side.
    Steam for linux… IS A PIECE OF SHIT! It alone keeps consuming 300+ MB RAM running ideally, doing nothing.(on my laptop atleast, both on Ubuntu and on Arch)

  • playing Borderlands 2 and its fine. However the port itself has some minor issue like audio lags in cut scenes. so mine answer is yes to gaming on Antergos, besides ubuntu is bloated.

  • I got a Nvidia card with non-free drivers. Works great with Steam in OpenGL with Borderlands2 or CS:GO.
    Same system on Ubuntu was okay, but with slower performance and sometimes my CS:GO randomly closed. IDK why.

    Steam seems to be a little laggy on all linux systems, closing the windows and reopen solves it for me.

  • From what I have gathered from various sources (Google Plus, Antergos forum, friends etc) Arch seems snappier and smoother. I’m going to try Antergos with GNOME for my TV and post my results.

  • Way late response, but the topics still causes buzz: have tried, with the most current, Linux Mint with Steam and it ran well but lagged whenever going into new map sections as data was streaming. Not too bad game performance and openGL with official NVidia drivers at max settings provide plenty of eye candy.

    Problem is, even after 3 years, Linux Mint and Ubuntu both lack adequate controller support and from my experience have had numerous issues with xpad and the like in those distros -this has gone on for 3 years now. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are way behind Antergos at the kernel level thus lacking native support for the newest GPU drivers and anything that would support XBox controllers and have read about issues with Steam Controllers as well.

    I have yet to get Steam OS to run on my hardware although I can actually get it to install now -that’s a start right?

    The above points are many of the lesser reasons that swayed me toward Antergos that just seemed to pile on top of more pressing issues like full support and development opportunities for my platform. Am getting pretty comfortable with the Antergos system for Arch Linux and their utilities are add its appeal. My reference game was Borderlands 2 and noticed no lag during intros or cut scenes. In my opinion enjoy openGL games because they seem more clearly defined than DX specific engines, but I mainly use Intel and NVidia chips.

    I definitely recommend this system for gaming: you’ll get a better, more recent kernel experience with an opportunity to step into even newer kernel releases, better native hardware support including GPU and controller drivers and list goes on.

    Think that the fact that I am currently posting to a thread that’s 3 years old addressing issues, that still exists, says something - if you’re here looking around Antergos for a possible gaming experience then start making plans for installation.


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